'You get a chance to get used to the car with a well planned initial drive that is pretty straightforward. Then, as the journey unfolds, you move onto more rural roads with lots of twisty turns and always a good stop for lunch.
Kevin, Oxted.

'A very enjoyable week, with good company and charismatic cars. The trip was well organised enabling us to see both touristy and hidden Bulgarian sites. The week was interesting, educational, restorative, challenging, adventurous and quirky.' 
Ros, Enfield.

'Thank you for providing such a wonderful holiday. It was better than I had anticipated, because of many factors including the wonderful scenery and array of wildlife. What the cars lacked in speed was made up for by character and novelty.
The route was well chosen and offered an exposure to aspects of Bulgarian culture.
The accommodation was first class.
The holiday organisation and team work lacked nothing. All my needs were met. The support team was appropriately discrete and unobtrusive.'
Hopeton, Orpington.

'The scenery was wonderful, the company fabulous, and the hotels comfortable and friendly in the most interesting of locations
Linda, Ealing.

Our Team

'Your diligence was evident. You are very customer focused, and for that we are grateful.
The very talented mechanics and host work well as a team, which enables the trip to run smoothly' 
Ros, Enfield. 

'Neil, Macho and Toncho are a fantastic supporting team who were with us every step of the way. They are always there to help, no question goes unanswered, whether its about driving the trabant or recommendations at your destinations. You are never under pressure to socialise with the rest of the party, but we loved our travelling companions and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.'
Kevin, Oxted.

'Both host and support team managed the difficult job of being on hand without being underfoot amazingly well. I alway felt as though I was in control of my holiday but with a cozy comfort blanket of expert help should I ever need it'
Gary, Croydon. 

Our offer

'Approachable, accessible, flexible, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive; the host had evidently worked hard and researched the routes, hotels, and anticipated our holistic needs. This gave us reassurance, confidence and comfort. I found the videos informative, nonthreatening, clear, concise and amusing. The written pdf packs were comprehensive.' 
Ros, Enfield.

I had a fabulous week travelling around Macedonia in "fudge " our beautifully kept classic trabant . We had mechanical back up all the way but never needed it. It was "proper" driving.
Sue, London.

'Surprisingly roomy and comfortable, the trabant is a piece of history which is a privilege to drive. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. The colourful fleet of cars have their own descriptive name, and their own personalities, which you need to assess and understand in order to drive with the correct amount of choke / revs / gear selection etc. Once the relationship is established between driver and trabant, she will take you anywhere in style (up mountainous roads, down washed out lanes, slowly in town over pot holes or quickly on dual carriageways). Other drivers appreciate the veteran cars and encouraged us on our journey with friendly toots and waves.' Hopeton, Orpington.


'Throughout the trip communication was superb; from the initial pick up, to the meeting by the cars in the morning, then meeting at the venues, and the 18.00 daily feedback. Although new to iphones, we learnt to use it to enhance the experience (using it for WhatsApp messaging, Google maps, Google translate, BBC News and Gmail). The sat nav was very good with a large screen and clear instructions.' Ros, Enfield.

'I wasn't sure if all the technology was necessary to begin with, but it really added value to the experience and provided an added layer of convenience and reassurance'
Gary, Croydon.
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