Welcome to our selection of Classic Car Holidays merchandise. Please note that all lines are available on our tours, except some T-shirt sizes which are subject to availability. 
If you would like to purchase something from our range and are not currently booked to tour with us, please email us your requirements and we will discuss delivery options with you direct.  



In our usual top quality Fruit of The Loom and celebrates our 2018 'Stay Feisty' season, with tour dates on the back of course. Comes in any colour as long as it's black (or any other colour come to think of it, by special order)
Classic Car Holidays Model Trabant

Classic Car Holidays Model Trabant


Classic Car Holidays Trabant Collectable

High Quality CCH Trabant 601 by Welly.  Die cast metal in a choice of three colours, with opening doors and Classic Car Holidays livery. 
'Pull back and go' mechanism achieves table top speeds very close to the real thing. The only bit missing is the blue smoke! 


Classic Car Holidays Keyring

Excellent quality, hard wearing with logo and and web address adorning either side. Lose your keys and we'll be bound to get a call so you can be reunited. 
Classic Car Holidays Keyring

Classic Car Holidays Mug


Classic Car Holidays Mug

Terrific for tea drinking, but is capable of holding any beverage you choose. Branding is on front and reverse as shown and very hard wearing.  


Classic Car Holidays Power bank

High quality, and with 2500MAH, high power. No cables to carry around. Charges both Android and Apple devices. Super convenient and super desirable. 
Classic Car Holidays Shirt

Classic Car Holidays Shirt


Classic Car Holidays T-shirt

Fruit of the loom manufactured and available in three colours. Branding on breast and sleeve as shown, with no wash out, fade, or splitting. All sizes available up to XXXL
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