We know that booking any holiday is a big deal. If you have any questions about our offer, please do drop us a line or give us a call. We'd be delighted to hear from you. 

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General, Hosting and Support

Q: How do I know the ticket price represents good value for money? 
A: We believe our package represents excellent value for money. We include all fuel, 3/4* accommodation, and close support throughout, covering all the big ticket items. The exclusions we have in place are designed to ensure you have a choice, and these items are by far the most trivial of any tour, particularly in the Balkans. We don't insist you fly business class, although you can if you wish. You don't pay us for a lunch you don't want, dinner costs just a few €, and entrance to sites typically range from €1-€4 per person. Where meals, site tickets, and flights are included in tour prices, our belief is that traditional tour operators charge a premium for the privilege. We want to buck that trend and ensure you have maximum choice at minimum cost.

Q: Why are your tours different?
A: Aside from our aspiration to provide a hosted tour model unique to this sector, our tours take you to the places that others don't usually get a chance to go. It can be difficult to reach our places of interest and UNESCO sites except by car. Doing so in a Trabant provides interest, fun, and lasting memories. There are car hire options throughout the region but aside from the stress of going solo in an unfamiliar region, it would likely cost more to tour this way, be unsupported, and you'd probably miss some of the good stuff. Finally, only Classic Car Holidays offers Trabant tours. Who doesn't want the chance to say, 'we toured the Balkans in a Trabant!'?

Q: Can I change money while I'm out there? 
A: Romania uses the Lei, Bulgaria the Lev and Macedonia the Denar. In all countries, ATM's and banks are numerous and accept most forms of card e.g. Visa, MasterCard. Currency exchange booths are also available although we'd always recommend banks/ATM's. Macedonian Banks prefer either Euro's or US Dollars 

Q: Will I be accompanied throughout the tour? 
A: Your hosts will be on hand day and night, in car and out. You will be given access to two private cellphone numbers and your hosts will never be far away; they travel on the suggested tour route throughout. That said, they are there to support, not intrude. So the level of contact you have with them will be up to you. Should you wish a more guided experience, they will be there for you. If you would prefer a more independent experience, they will be available but discreet. 

Q: Do the hosts speak English? 
A: The hosts will be a combined English national and local team. All hosts speak English fluently. 

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. All the vehicles have the requisite insurance throughout the region and we have generous levels of liability insurance cover (please contact us for specifics). All legal documentation is provided with the vehicle should local authorities require presentation of such. 

Q: I'm worried about breaking down. What happens if I do? 
A: This is largely covered off in The Vehicles but in short, if you call us using the cellphone provided or if you are stationary for any significant period of time, we will attend. We will endeavour to rectify the problem (almost always the case) or in more serious circumstances, replace the vehicle for you. In both cases, if you are unable to continue the journey for any significant period of time, we will provide carriage to the next way-station in a support vehicle and then set you on your way again although this is not necessary in our experience to date. The Trabant is a deliciously forgiving car provided you have a stick of chewing gum, a pair of nylons and a screwdriver. 

Q: Are you insured? 
A: Yes, all our vehicles are insured, we have public liability insurance, and we have medical insurance in the event of an accident in the vehicle. We do however strongly recommend all clients arrange travel insurance should you fall ill on tour. Travel insurance is generally inexpensive and provides peace of mind. Please do take the time to arrange travel insurance according to your own requirements/needs.   
The Vehicles

Q: Are the cars reliable and comfortable? 
A: The Trabant was conceived and built as a utilitarian vehicle of the people and production ceased in 1991. It is fair to say therefore that the Trabant does not fall into the Rolls Royce/Cadillac category. All of our vehicles are however excellent examples of the marque and scrupulously maintained. Trabants, even without our care and improvement where necessary, are remarkably comfortable. Surprised? Well it seems the old soviet design system had room for well cushioned seats, making the drive a lot more pleasurable than you might expect. 

Q: How do the cars perform? 
A: It is true to say that performance is modest by modern or even contemporary standards. Their two stroke engine is lively and energetic, but quite evidently light on power. This fact doesn't inhibit enjoyment or constrain us to particular roads but does allow a little more time to enjoy the scenery. 

Q: I'm a keen mechanic. How involved can I get when things go wrong?
A: The Trabant is a remarkable car and it is incredibly reliable however like any classic car, clients should allow for, anticipate even, something to go wrong at some point. That's why we have hosting and mechanical support every step of the way. We think it's part of the fun of driving Trabants and provides ample opportunity for tales of derring do and miraculous recovery during late night bar discussions. The important thing is that you and your vehicle are cared for whatever the journey throws at you. In extreme circumstances, we have back-up Trabants available in the event of a serious fault to ensure you do not miss any of the important way-points or are late for dinner. If you are that way inclined, you are welcome to put your head under the bonnet and scratch your chin beside our mechanical magicians should the situation arise. 

Q: How many people normally travel in a single car?
A: We highly recommend two people per vehicle. We have made our Trabants comfortable, but a rear seat passenger will find conditions cramped over a long period. Any clients wishing to travel as more than a pair should get in touch via the contact page to discuss individual requirements. 

Q: I like to travel prepared for every eventuality. What is the luggage capacity of a Trabant?
A: The Trabant has plenty of luggage space for two. Two medium/large suitcases plus flight cases can be easily fitted in the boot and rear of the car. 

Q: How many vehicles are there per tour?
A: We allow for up to ten vehicles per tour. 

Q: Do I pay for fuel?
A: No. Each car is handed over to clients full; fuel consumed is replaced at each destination by our support team, ready for the next leg of our journey. 

Q: I'm worried that I might get lost. What happens if I do?
A: Each vehicle will be provided with a daily schedule and route map with detailed directions and points of interest. You can stick to these or deviate within reason as you choose. Cars are also provided with cellphone, satnav capability and are location tracked by our lead vehicle. We will know where you are at all times.
The Experience

Q: So this is a driving holiday then. Right? 
A: Well yes and no. It most certainly places the trusty Trabant centre stage but a week stuck in a car would be too much for most people. For that reason, we have created itineraries that use the iconic Trabant as our method of showing off the best of what the Balkans has to offer. Most days will involve roaring around the glorious countryside for 2-3 hours on roads presenting differing challenges and vistas. Every destination has been selected to delight and we stay in a locations with history, local colour, interesting architecture, or unique geography. In short, the tour is made special by the Trabant, spectacular by the surroundings. 

Q: How do I get to you? 
A: Sofia and Bucharest airports are served by all the major low cost carriers, including Easyjet and Ryanair, from various locations around the UK. British Airways fly from Heathrow. All are very reasonably priced and start from approx. £50 return. The later the booking, the higher the price. As you would expect, we advise you book early. 

Q: Will I be met when I arrive? 
A: Yes. Advise us what your travel plans are, and we will be there to greet you and transfer you to your welcome and orientation meeting.  

Q: What is the weather like in the Balkans?
A: The Balkans taken as a whole, has proper seasons. That is to say, the summers are hot, the winters cold. All of our tours take place in the summer. Temperatures in early summer are usually comfortable, around 20-25 degrees centigrade is typical, although it can be warmer or cooler (particularly in the evenings). High summer temperatures can reach 35 degrees or more but 25-30 would be more usual. As we will be traversing a couple of higher altitude areas, we would advise a jumper or similar, in case we experience a cooler day. Rain is possible, although most typically in the form of short thunderstorms rather than persistent rain. The following link gives an overview of the region Climate Data Org

Q: What will the accommodation be like?
A: The Balkans have come a long way in a short time. The Balkan hotels we have chosen are all hand selected, based on personal experience. They are all clean, comfortable and comparable with Western European 3/4* accommodation.  

Q: Do I have to share a room?
A: Our package price is based on two people sharing a twin or double room, just tell us your preference post-booking. Please contact us should you require a different arrangement. 

Q: Why is dinner and lunch not included in the price?
A: Different people want different things. Some relish the opportunity to sample the local cuisine, some prefer something more familiar. Some enjoy the company of fellow travellers, others like a little more privacy. For these reasons, we present our offer excluding main meals, but we include personally scouted restaurant recommendations with price guides. Don't worry, most Balkan restaurants represent excellent value for money. Clients should allow around £4-5 for a generous meal including drinks. Views and atmosphere are free. 

Q: I have special dietary requirements. Can the Balkans accommodate? 
A: Please contact us with your specific requirements. In general, Balkans restauranteurs will try extraordinarily hard to provide what you want and most needs are easily met. Religious observances and vegetarian options are normally straightforward but other requests may take more careful planning. We are here to smooth the way.  

Q: Are the loos in the Balkans, you know, 'proper'? 
A: In all the scheduled stops, the bathroom facilities are exactly the same as you would find back home. Should you be caught short on the road, you may stumble across an artefact of the past requiring strong thigh muscles, but these are becoming increasingly rare, particularly on the routes we have selected. 

Q: Do we travel in convoy throughout the trip?
A: No. We like to begin together with the host vehicle traversing the suggested route, starting first. A tail vehicle with your technical support starts last. Normally, there is no more than one hour between lead and tail vehicles. That means, if you remain on the suggested route, you should never be more than half an hour from face to face support, usually less, but you are free to drive at your own pace and even own route should you choose. 

Q: Where and when do I stop for lunch? 
A: Lunch stops are at your discretion although recommendations will be made on the suggested routes. 

Q: Can I select my own route? 
A: Yes. If however you wish to travel very far off the suggested route, we ask that you advise us, so we can stay within reach in the event of assistance required. We try to strike a balance between you feeling supported while at the same time not feeling shepherded. Think of us like a good wine waiter, attentive, yet discreet. 

Q: I'm not sure that I want to book without knowing more. What reassurance can you give me that my booking is safe?
A: We are a new business. 2017 will be our first trading season, following a meticulous year of research and refinement throughout 2016. Our team pedigree lies in hospitality, tourism, cars, and the Balkans. We aim to bring this pre-existing talent to bear, building a reputation for outstanding service and client experience. If you have any concerns about our ability to deliver you a first class service, please do get in touch via the contact page or follow our progress on social media.  Talk to us. We think you'll be impressed. 

Q: Why do you use Stripe? 
A: Quite simply, because it is the safest and most secure. You can use this service with any major credit/debit card. If you have another payment method you would prefer to use, it is likely we can accommodate. Please use the contact page to discuss with us further.

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking?
A: Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund within 90 days of departure. Cancellations with less than 90 days notice will not be refunded. Please see out terms and conditions page for further details.

Q: I'm not sure that I want to book online without knowing more. What reassurance can you give me that my booking is safe?
A: Our website uses industry standard SSL certification, and payment is only through the most highly regarded and secure source, Stripe. Please see the service provider web credentials for further information. 
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