A Little More About Us 

Classic Car Holidays is a young business with a small enthusiastic team of specialists in both cars and Balkan tourism. 
Our mechanics have lots of experience in driving and maintaining Trabants, and are some of the few remaining that do, meaning you will be supported every mile of the journey. 
Our lead host has travelled throughout the Balkans for over ten years. In that time he has roamed extensively around Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania amassing a huge knowledge bank of the best places to visit. 
Our back office staff have a strong network of support service contacts and have an intimate working knowledge of Balkan infrastructure and processes. All our support staff are fluent in the local languages. 
Our business is dedicated to employing local expertise wherever possible, supporting the local economy in the process. CCH is a Bulgarian registered business, managed from the UK and Bulgaria jointly. 
Neil Penn
Lead Host
Neil fell in love with the Balkans many years ago. The demands of modern life in the UK prevented Classic Car Holidays from becoming a reality until 2015. A career in client facing corporate management provides a mature understanding of client needs and demands, crucial for hosting for a tourism business. Now settled in Bulgaria, and having conducted many private tours before forming CCH, he reflects on his extensive travel in the region. 'It's a privilage to accompany first time visitors to the Balkans. It's a thrill to see the wide-eyed surprise and delight as clients see what's on offer here. That it remains relatively undiscovered, even now, seems baffling to me. I think the post-war period conjures up images of grey Balkan people living in grey Balkan apartment blocks, and nothing could be further from the truth! The Balkans is colourful, vibrant, and verdant - and then some! Tourism in the region is gaining momentum, and we're immensely proud to be here pretty much at ground zero, sharing the magic with others.' 
Owen Lewis
Head of Short Tours 
Owen joins CCH after a distinguished military career in the British Army. Being an ex-Regimental Sergeant Major, he brings with him a high degree of organisation, problem solving and initiative.  As our Head of Short Tours, delivering outstanding customer service and a truly memorable day to clients is his mission and his passion. His enthusiasm for Central Bulgaria and Trabants can be seen by anyone that joins us on our day trips. Of 'Try a Trabie' Owen says, 'This is our opportunity to show our guests something genuinely out of the ordinary. Not only do we offer a taste of the iconic Trabant, but we do so on routes that include some unique destinations that most visitors don't get the chance to see. It's really important that clients feel safe, comfortable, and fully supported. With GPS, in-car iPhone, car tracking, and of course our close hosting and mechanical support,  we have a great set of tools that help us deliver a superior holiday experience.'      
Keith Davies
Technical Consultant 
Keith is an old hand in the Balkans and something of a legend in the region. after an Army career spanning more than 20 years, in 1994 he turned his attention to private enterprise in Bulgaria. Some 12 years on, his commercial and organisational track record remains peerless. If there is person or place of any significance in the Balkans Keith doesn't know, they must have arrived on this mornings boat. Keith explains why Classic Car Holidays works. 'It all fits together so beautifully. At face value, touring the Balkans with Trabants seems like a bit of a bonkers thing to do, but we've taken our time with this. Each tour is meticulously researched and each Trabant carefully selected. Our timings have been thoroughly thought out and ensure clients get to see the the best of the Balkans, without draining long drives. The moment you sit behind the wheel and journey through some of the stunning destinations we have on our tours, with a two-stroke soundtrack, it immediately makes sense.'  
Macho & Toncho
Fleet Technicians 
Macho & Toncho
Macho and Toncho have been friends since their earliest days. An inseparable team, their single overriding passion is, and always has been, cars. And don't we all wish to have a job that is also our hobby? Years of repairing and maintaining vehicles of all types culminated in specialising in Trabants. The CCH fleet has been looked after by the pair since the first vehicle arrived in the workshop. Macho articulates why the Trabant now dominates their world. 'The first reaction when we meet new people is to laugh when we say we work with Trabants. The second reaction is to say, 'Hey, that's cool!' Trabies, are finding a place in the hearts of our people once again. They are both easy and difficult to keep in good condition. There are very few moving parts to a Trabant engine, which means they are easy to repair. But they are all old cars and need more maintenance to ensure a problem doesn't happen. So the skill is to find and fix a part that could be a problem, before it is a problem.' 
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